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Angie Hodapp

Greetings! I am the Director of Literary Development at Nelson Literary Agency here in Denver. I read and evaluate submissions for our four-agent team, and I help authors get their novels ready for submission to publishers. I also teach writing and publishing workshops, including at Denver’s esteemed Lighthouse Writers Workshop, and I write a little…

EB Forst

I have been a world traveler my entire life. I love exploring new lands, delving into different cultures, conversing with foreign people seeking out the experience of stepping out of one’s own shoes to view the world from a different perspective. I seek adventure and embrace life from a positive perspective knowing that life is…

Jared Ozga

Jared Ozga

Heyo! My name is Jared. I’m a “local-ish” Denver transplant who owns and operates a walking tour service called Tell Me More Tours – Denver (@tellmemoretours on Instagram). My services include various 90-minute walking tours of Denver’s central core as well as custom and holiday tours upon request. You can request a private tour at…